Services for Payroll Partners

While our main client base are accountants, our model works equally well with other partners wishing to provide payroll services to their clients.

We pride ourselves on offering flexible solutions so we're able to mould any of the following services into the most suitable for any particular situation.

Recommended Payroll Provider

Whereby you purely recommend us to your clients in the knowledge that that the client payroll requirement is fulfilled.

With this service, we would communicate with and invoice the client directly as Polestar Payroll.

Payroll Partner

By utilising Polestar Payroll as a Payroll Partner we would become part of the overall solution provided by your company. We would communicate directly with the client as Polestar Payroll but can either invoice the client directly or invoice the solution provider. Any communication information agreed by all parties can be made available to the solution provider.

Payroll Department

When clients want to deal with a single entity or a solution provider wishes to look like providing all services internally, Polestar Payroll can act as the payroll department of the solution provider. By utilising email & telephone technology, we will seem to all intents and purposes to be a department of the solution provider. All emails and phone calls inbound and outbound would be packaged as such.  Again the solution provider would have access to all communication between Polestar Payroll and their client.

In this scenario we would communicate with the client directly, but as the payroll department of the accountant, not as Polestar Payroll.  We would invoice the solution provider for all work carried out.

Again, all these offerings are flexible and elements from all can be incorporated into a solution.  We can also incorporate features outside the above payroll services, for example if the solution provider wants to act as the 'middle man' in all communication between us and their client, while not necessarily the best solution communication wise, we could certainly implement it.