Payroll services for accountants

Accountants seem to view payroll in different ways; some embrace it as a key element of their business strategy while others steer clear of it altogether.  Overall most accountants seem to view it as a necessary evil required to provide a full range of services to clients.  

Polestar offers a comprehensive range of outsourced payroll services to accountants, enabling them to focus on their key business services while still generating revenue from payroll. We pride ourselves on offering flexible solutions and can adapt any of the following services to suit any business requirements.

Recommended Payroll Provider

Being able to offer a Recommended Payroll Provider, accountants can feel happy that the client payroll requirement is fulfilled and they can dedicate themselves to providing tax and other accounting services.

As a Recommended Payroll Provider we would communicate with and invoice the client directly as Polestar Payroll.  Ongoing commission would be paid to the accountant for providing the recommendation.

Payroll Partner

When an accountant offers an all-encompassing service it can be hard to remove one single part of the offering (such as payroll) without compromising the whole service. By utilising Polestar Payroll as a Payroll Partner an accountant can be sure that all communication between Polestar Payroll and the client will be completely transparent. This service ensures that the accountant always has the payroll communication history available to view.
As a Payroll Partner we would communicate directly with the client as Polestar Payroll but can either invoice the client directly or invoice the accountant enabling the accountant to include a payroll charge within the whole service charge. If the client is invoiced directly, an ongoing commission would be paid to the accountant.

Payroll Department

When a client wants to deal with a single entity or if an accountant wishes to appear to be providing all services internally, Polestar Payroll can act as their payroll department.

Using email and phone technology we can appear to be one of the accountants internal departments; all inbound and outbound emails and phone calls are packaged as such. Again the accountant would have access to all communication between Polestar Payroll and their client.

In this scenario we would communicate with the client directly, but as the payroll department of the accountant, not as Polestar Payroll.  We would invoice the accountant for all work carried out.

All these offerings are flexible and any elements from each service can be incorporated to create a bespoke solution. We can also look at developing and incorporating additional features outside the above payroll services.