Auto Enrolment

As smaller businesses are unlikely to have the internal resources to implement and manage auto enrolment on an on-going basis it's vital that accountants ensure they choose the right partner to provide these services to their clients.

The government has introduced a mandatory workplace pension scheme to reduce the pension burden on national finances. This has been named Auto Enrolment and by default, if the employee complies with age and payment criteria, they are auto enroled or opted into, a pension scheme.

The implementation and ongoing management of Auto Enrolment requires communication between the 4 major stakeholders; Employer, Employee, Pension Provider & Payroll. Larger organisations have generally created project teams for the implementation and expanded the payroll or HR departments to deal with the ongoing administration. For smaller organisations this may not be possible for financial reasons

At Polestar Payroll we appreciate the burden this places onto smaller businesses and have developed a number of solutions to help ensure compliance. Areas that we can provide support in are as follows:

  • Providing your clients with information making your choice of pension provider easier.
  • Developing an internal plan for both implementation and on-going management.
  • Communicating with your client's employees.
  • The movement of information between payroll and pension provider.